How it happened:

One day, a pregnant entrepreneur named Debbi and a “rock ‘n’ roller” named Jon teamed up to create a new kind of marketing firm—one that would provide client service and support that larger agencies weren’t interested in offering.

A few years later, while picking up Sam at daycare, Debbi met Jill, who was picking up Carly. Jill, a macrobiotic single mom at the time and a marketing guru herself, jumped on board, drank the purple stuff and became a partner.

Now 20+ marketing and creative professionals strong, HSP team members work hard but also give back to the community, donating time and work to organizations such as The American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America, Habitat for Humanity, Girl Scouts of America, Emerge Scholarships and many more.

Debbi Lurie Shapiro

Jill Peck

What we live by:

Communication: Listen carefully, speak clearly
Trust and integrity: Believe in yourself and others
Strategic thinking: Come up with a plan
Relationships: We’re in this together
Success through teamwork: 1 + 1 = way more than 2

Alexa Mallalieu

Karen Latta

Tina Michaud

Jim Lewis

Susan Arogeti

Libby Barger

Lori Joslyn

Mark Reynolds

Seth Gordon

Michele Gardinier

Megan McAllister

Molly Morrow

Paul Harris

Let’s make something happen